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WRR Guide

Dear Guests,

A warm welcome to Wallace River Ranch! We are delighted to have you here amidst the beauty of Cumberland County. Your dome is more than just a place to stay; it's a gateway to tranquility and natural wonders. Our team is here to ensure your stay is nothing short of extraordinary. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out. May your time with us be filled with relaxation and memorable moments!

Best Regards,

Daniel, Marianne and Eva




Our check-in time is from 4 pm onwards. While we do consider early check-in requests and always strive to accommodate them, we cannot guarantee early check-ins in advance.

On the morning of your arrival, you will receive an email containing check-in instructions and a link to our online registration form. Completion of this form is mandatory for every guest. Our check-in is contactless. 


Check-out time is at 11:30 am. If you anticipate running late, please inform us. Kindly leave the key in the door and refrain from leaving any garbage outside to prevent wildlife disturbances. A receipt will be sent via email.


Feel free to text us anytime at the provided number. We'll do our best to respond promptly. In case of an emergency, please call us directly or dial 911.

📞 Phone: 902-991-0399




Having the ceiling fan on will create backdraft, and you fill up the dome with smoke.

Step 1. Put a small piece of wood in the fireplace with a kindling leaning against it. Put a Firestarter underneath.


Step 2. Make sure your stove is set to allow the maximum amount of air in, and light the fire starter. Do NOT put lots of wood in the stove to start the fire.


Step 3. The fire needs to be able to start quickly to have a good draft. If the pipe is cold it could create some backdraft with smoke coming out the wrong way. The heat from the flames provides rising warm air that

helps to displace any cold air trapped within the flue. If you have a good flame going add some more kindling and the bigger pieces of wood.


Step 4. Don’t close the door too quickly. You’ll want lots of fresh, oxygen-rich air to get the fire going. Leave the door open for 3 to 5 minutes (or longer if needed). If you close the door and the fire starts to die, open the door again until it gets roaring. Never leave an open wood stove unattended. The kindling can send out sparks and start a fire.


Step 5. After the fire seems to be burning well, close the wood stove door.


Step 6. Please do not touch the wood stove top as it gets very hot. The fan on the stove should remain in place. The heat will start the fan automatically and get the warm air into the entire dome.

Detailed instructions for the woodstove can be found inside our domes. We provide one complimentary box of firewood per night. Additional boxes can be purchased for $15.

We are always happy to get the woodstove going for you. Simply send us a text.


The heat pump functions for both air conditioning and heating. You can use the mode button to adjust settings for cooling, heating, or dry conditions. Please avoid using the air conditioning while the dome ceiling fan is turned on, as this may expel cold air outside.

During the winter, the heat pump may initiate defrost cycles, during which cold air will blow for 10 - 15 minutes.

The switch for the outside lights is located on the left wall upon entering the dome and is labeled "outside lights."


  • Please never turn off the hot tub. If turned off and the next guests are affected, additional charges may apply.

  • Do not reduce the hot tub temperature below 98°F in the winter and not below 93°F in the summer.

  • Our hot tubs are plug-and-play and can only heat up if the lid is closed. After spending several hours in the hot tub, it's best to take breaks and close the lid to allow the hot tub to heat up again.


  • Shower before using the hot tub.

  • No drinks or food inside the hot tub.

  • Do not exceed a temperature of 105°F.

  • Children must be accompanied by an adult.

  • No jumping or splashing. 


Note: Wallace River Ranch advises against the use of the hot tub by pregnant women, individuals under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and those with health conditions that may pose a greater risk of injury. Exercise caution as surfaces may be slippery when wet, and hot tub chemicals may not be suitable for everyone.


For the comfort of all guests: only guests included in the reservation are permitted to stay on premises and use the facilities. Visitors and gatherings, loud music or parties, are not permitted. Any violation of this policy will result in automated $100 cleaning fee per person and may  result in eviction from the property, or other actions deemed necessary by the owners. 


We kindly ask all guests to refrain from playing loud music both inside and outside the dome. Additionally, to ensure a peaceful environment for all, we request that noise levels be kept to a minimum between the hours of 10pm and 8am. Please note that we reserve the right to advise guests to tone down noise levels if necessary. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


We have star link Internet, which you can access without a password and free or charge. 


Our water is drinkable.


Our TV's are smart TV's. Login with your favorite provider such as Netflix, Prime TV etc.


Our animals would love to see you! Cross the red bridge and follow along the fencing. Mostly they will come to the fence to say hello. You can walk past the fencing and stroll along the discovery path. For our property map, click here! Please do not feed the ponies, they are on a special diet. We do have grain available for the goats to feed.

Caution: there is electric fencing in the goat enclosure as they are masters of escapers.


Your feedback is invaluable to us. If you had a wonderful experience, we'd be grateful if you could take a moment to share your thoughts on Google. Your review helps us improve and assists fellow travelers in discovering the magic of our retreat.



We're situated high on the riverbank of Wallace River, offering picturesque views. Please note that as of now, we don't have a fully secure access point to the river. There is a small path available, but please use it at your own risk.

For those looking to launch a kayak, a secure launch is conveniently located just two minutes down the road. Our aim is to improve river access, and we're planning upgrades in 2024 to provide a safer and more enjoyable experience for our guests.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we enhance our facilities.



For your safety and security, please be aware that our driveway is under surveillance. Your peace of mind is our priority, and we strive to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for all our guests.


Please note that each dome is equipped with a safety-regulated fire/CO2 alarm system. In the event that the alarm is triggered in one dome, it will activate alarms in all domes as a safety precaution. This ensures that all guests are alerted promptly in case of an emergency. Your safety is our top priority, and we appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these safety measures.


Wood-heated saunas use wood fire to generate heat, a leading characteristic of an authentic sauna. Wood-fire stoves heat the sauna stones, onto which water is then poured to generate steam. Outdoor traditional saunas that use wood-burning stoves such as the Harvia and HUUM stoves are a fan favorite with amazing health benefits such as detoxification, relaxation, stress reduction, muscle recovery, and better sleep. 

  • Please note that the sauna is for adult use only. Absolutely not children allowed.

  • Sauna temperature should be between 70 - 90 Celsius, do not use when exceeding those temperatures. Do not exceed a 100 Celsius.

  • The recommended length of time to spend in a sauna is 15-20 minutes. First-timers should start with 5-10 minutes. People with certain health conditions should not use a sauna.

  • Ensure to drink plenty of water during and after the use of the sauna.

  • Don't drink alcohol before, during, or after sauna use. Don't use recreational drugs before, during, or after sauna use. Don't eat a large meal prior to using a sauna.

  • Prioritize hydration by drinking plenty of water, electrolyte-rich beverages, and hydrating foods to help you feel your best. These choices will not only help you recover from your sauna session but also leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the day.

  • Use a towel to sit on.

  • The sauna woodstove is very hot. Do not touch!


1.) Avoid Drinking Alcohol before a Sauna Session

Drinking alcohol while sauna bathing can affect your body’s ability to maintain normal blood pressure.

2.) Check Your Clothing

There are several clothing items you shouldn’t have while relaxing in your sauna. An individual is normally naked when sauna bathing, and there’s no need to carry around cell phones, jewelry, or iPods. Besides, metal objects heat up fast in saunas and can burn your skin. Therefore, for your safety, remove all gadgets and jewelry, like bracelets, rings, and earrings, before stepping into a sauna. Other clothing items to stay away from include:


Workout Attire: Avoid wearing any PVC-made clothing when sauna bathing. These clothes tend to melt when exposed to high sauna temperatures.

Dirty Clothing: The high sauna heat can cause invisible debris and dust in dirty clothes to loosen up. These particles can be inhaled and also expose your skin to acne breakouts.

What should you wear instead? It’s advisable to step in a sauna barefoot to prevent dirt accumulation. Use a towel for a wardrobe, and cotton shorts, a T-shirt, or a bathing suit are also suitable. Keep a towel on the benches to prevent sweat from staining the surface and for hygienic purposes. 


3.) Rehydrate

Rehydrating is one of the most important sauna safety tips. Therefore, when planning your sauna session, ensure your body has enough water to bear the sweating. When sauna bathing, your body tends to lose a lot of nutrients and can lose up to 2% of your fluids. Follow these steps to prevent the dangers of fatigue and dehydration when sauna bathing:


  • Drink 16 to 20 ounces of water before your session, and bring a water bottle with you

  • Avoid sugary drinks such as coffee beverages, carbonated sodas, and sweet juices

  • Drink coconut water or sports drinks, which prepare your body for a sauna session. These drinks are full of electrolytes which replace what your body loses

4.) Avoid Overly Rich Foods

Ideally, you should take a good sauna steam and then catch some grub. Like sipping alcoholic drinks, high-calorie foods can lower your blood pressure. Avoid eating fish and meat if you’re planning to visit a sauna. These rich-protein foods can strain your kidneys and instead load your body with carbs. 


During the high-temperature sauna session, the body works hard to remove toxins and other impurities through detoxification. So, when you enter a sauna with a full stomach, the food will stay sitting, intoxicating your body. The digestive system is inactive during the session, leading to risks such as nausea, headache, and food poisoning

5.) Avoid Soap

Sauna sessions have numerous skin benefits. However, you’ll dry out your skin when you use soap showering before or during the session. Sauna experts advise bathing with soap a day before and rinsing off with herbal water before or during your sweet escape. It’s also important to exfoliate the skin.

6.) Don’t Set the Temperature Too Hot

If you feel dizzy or uncomfortable, leave the sauna immediately. Start with a setting of 140 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to experience more heat in the sauna, pour more water into the sauna stones for more humidity. Avoid increasing the temperature for the best results. 

7.) Avoid Using Cosmetics or Perfume before a Sauna Session

If you’re a regular user of makeup and perfume, try to  avoid putting them on or using them before a sauna session. If possible, avoid using these products for at least a day before the session. Why is this? When relaxing in a sauna, your skin pores open up, but cosmetics and scented lotions or perfumes may enter the body, defeating the detoxification purpose. 

How To Use Your Wood-Burning Sauna Stove

At their core, wood-burning sauna stoves are pretty self-explanatory to use. You put wood in the firebox, you light it on fire, wait around for 30- 45 minutes, and you've got yourself a nice, hot sauna.

While the basics are pretty simple, some pro tips can help get your sauna running nice and hot every time.

  1. Always start with a clean firebox. Pull the ashtray out of the firebox, empty it, and clean it before every use. This will help keep the logs you put into the firebox burning cleanly.

  2. Firewood. Load your logs into the firebox. (We will have the wood setup for you, so you only need to light it)

  3. Wait! Once you have your fire going in your wood-burning sauna stove, let it do its thing for 45 minutes to an hour, with the damper open. This should be enough time for the wood to burn nice and hot, and for your coals to form. At this time you can throw another log on the coals if need be, but your sauna should be around 150 to 175 degrees Fahrenheit by this point.

  4. Damper Closed. Since your fire will be burning hot, you can experiment with the damper on your wood-burning sauna stove. Closing the damper will let less oxygen into the firebox and increase the temperature in the firebox.

A few other tips to make sure the temperature is consistent:

  • Keeping the size of your wood pieces roughly the same gives a predictable burn rate

  • Keep the door to the firebox closed as much as possible

  • Use the air intakes to adjust the airflow to your fire

Finally, when you're done with your sauna and the firebox has cooled down, rinse and repeat by cleaning out your firebox for the next sauna session.

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