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Booking Terms & Conditions

Occupancy & Unregistered Guests Policy:


For the comfort of all guests: only guests included in the reservation are permitted to stay on premises and use the facilities. Visitors and gatherings, loud music or parties, are not permitted. Any violation of this policy will result in automated $100 cleaning fee per person and may  result in eviction from the property, or other actions deemed necessary by the owners. 


Maximum Adult occupancy per dome is 4! Overall maximum occupancy is 4 (2 Adults and 2 kids from the age 0 - 16). Our rates are based on double occupancy; additional fees apply for children and extra adults.

Our domes feature a King bed and two Twin bed in a mezzanine, accessible by a ladder. The mezzanine is not suitable for all ages, and the use is entirely at your own risk.


Please note that payment will be processed at 2pm on your arrival date. If the credit card on file is declined, we'll promptly reach out to you. Kindly be aware that check-in will not be possible until payment is received. Please understand that we reserve the right to cancel your reservation in cases of non-payment or lack of response. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to hosting you.

Pet Policy and Charges:

At Wallace River Ranch, we appreciate the diverse needs of our guests. While we understand the importance of furry family members, our accommodations are currently not pet-friendly.


Pets are not allowed in the dome. If evidence of a pet stay is discovered after departure, we reserve the right to charge an additional fee.

Why: This policy is in place to ensure the comfort and well-being of all our guests, including those with allergies or sensitivities.

Post-Departure Charges: In the event that evidence of a pet's stay is found after departure, additional charges may be applied to cover the costs of cleaning and any necessary restoration to maintain the quality of our accommodations.

Noise Curfew & Smoking

We kindly ask all guests to refrain from playing loud music both inside and outside the dome. Additionally, to ensure a peaceful environment for all, we request that noise levels be kept to a minimum between the hours of 10pm and 8am. Please note that we reserve the right to advise guests to tone down noise levels if necessary. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Our domes are smoke free, smoking is not permitted inside our domes. You may smoke outside with a minimum of 4 meters away from the dome. Minimum smoking fine inside the dome is $1000 cad.

Please pick up cigarette butts, and at no point throw them in the woods or on the ground. Failure to follow this can result in serious charges, or wildfires. Additional charges may apply in failure to comply. 


Please review website below for fire restrictions.


At the time of booking, we will process 20% of your stay. You may cancel or change your reservation up until 14 days prior to your arrival date. Only a $15 processing fee applies for cancellations outside of that 14 days. Cancellations within 14 days, will result in your deposit being non-refundable. Cancellations within 7 days will result in the entire stay not being refundable. On or after the day of your arrival, any date changes or cancellation to the number of room nights for all or part of your stay will result in the processing of the full value of your stay that you originally reserved. We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance for unexpected cancellations. 

All reservations need a valid credit card on file.

Tax Rate

The Nova Scotia Tax Rate is 15%

Staying at Wallace River Ranch I agree to the following: 

  • Guests will be charged the full replacement cost for any damage or loss of Wallace River Ranch property, both inside and outside of the dome should they be reasonably responsible for said damage or loss.

  • Our domes are not wheelchair accessible. 

  • For the enjoyment of guests, Wallace River Ranch has provided a private hot tub. Wallace River Ranch advises against the use of the hot tub by pregnant women, people under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, and those who have health conditions that may put them at a greater risk of injury. Water from the hot tub may cause surfaces to be slippery and extra caution should be taken when wet. Chemicals in the hot tub may not be suitable for everyone. Chlorine and bromine—two chemicals used to disinfect water and keep the hot tub sanitized, can cause swimsuit materials like Lycra® brand spandex (elastane) to fade or wear out over time.

  • By continuing your booking with Wallace River Ranch you are releasing owner, management, and staff of any and all liability associated with irresponsible use of amenities provided including, but not limited to, the mezzanine and the hot tub.

  • The mezzanine is not suitable for all ages. It is entirely at your own risk to use the mezzanine.

  • Use of Wallace River Ranch property, amenities and grounds is entirely at your own risk.

  • Domes are made of heavy vinyl and can be punctured, any damage incurred during your stay will result in a damage fee to be determined by the replacement cost of vinyl through manufacturer.

  • This property is privately owned and management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, and will not be responsible for accidents or injury's to guests or for loss money, jewelry, or valuables of any kind.  

  • Wallace River Ranch is not responsible for any damages or loss of personal items.

  • No shows are subject to be charged the full amount of their stay.

  • Kindly do not leave any food outside.


  • The sauna is designated for adult use only.

  • I UNDERSTAND THAT PARTICIPATION IN THESE ACTIVITIES CAN BE HAZARDOUS AND MAY INVOLVE THE RISK OF PHYSICAL INJURY OR DEATH. I acknowledge that my participation in the activities entails known and unanticipated risks that could result in physical or emotional injury, paralysis, death, or damage to myself, to property, or to third parties. I understand that such risks cannot be eliminated without jeopardizing the essential qualities of the activities. The risks and hazards include but are not limited to slips, trips and falls on slippery uneven surfaces stairs and sauna flooring and benches; hot and cold weather exposure; using sauna facilities in inclement weather including storms, lightning, and high wind; any natural disaster including but not limited to flooding, entrapment by trees, logs, deadfall; variation in terrain including holes, depressions, loose gravel, rocks, mud, roots, creeks; impacts with trees, tree stumps, forest deadfall, rocks or other natural or manmade objects on or adjacent to the sauna access; encounters with wild and domestic animals; lack of shelter; limited access to and/or delay of medical attention; leasee’s/renters health condition; physical exertion; exhaustion; dehydration; hypothermia; heat-related illnesses; mental distress; inability to act safely or within one’s ability; and negligence or failure of other persons to act safely; equipment failure or malfunction; burns from hot steam or hot metal contact, chimney flu exhaust gases, firewood handling and hot coals, incendiary devices/agents such as firestarter sticks/logs, butane lighters/torches; pinch points and crush hazards while loading firewood; overhead hazards including but not limited to door jams, roof eves, chimney flu, wood storage box, and overhead trees and vegetation. I understand that the participation in these activities may result in muscle and joint sprains and strains; cuts and bruises; broken/crushed extremities; contusions; concussions; internal injuries and other serious injuries including paralysis or death. I understand that I should not use sauna if I have any underlying health issues and that it is my responsibility to consult a physician before sauna use. 

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