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Embracing Winter Warmth: A Cozy Retreat in Our Domes

As the seasons change and a blanket of snow covers the landscape, our domes transform into snug sanctuaries that beckon you to embrace the beauty of winter. Step into a world where chilly temperatures outside only enhance the warmth and comfort within.

Woodstoves and Heat Pumps: Cozy Comfort Cornerstones

Each dome is equipped with the perfect duo for winter warmth—an inviting woodstove and a reliable heat pump. Picture this: the crackling of wood in the stove, the gentle hum of the heat pump, and the ambient warmth that envelops you as you settle into your home away from home. It's the kind of comfort that makes you forget about the winter chill outside.

Hot Tub Bliss: Warming Up Under the Stars

One of the highlights of a winter stay is the hot tub experience. Imagine slipping into the warm, bubbling water surrounded by the crisp winter air. Under a canopy of stars, the hot tub becomes a haven of relaxation, offering a unique blend of serenity and excitement. It's a winter ritual that our guests rave about—a perfect way to unwind after a day of winter adventures.

Warm Socks and Cozy Sleepers: Essential Winter Attire

In the winter season, we recommend our guests come prepared with warm socks or snug sleepers, enhancing the joy of moving around the dome. While we don't have heated floors, we've designed the interior to be comfortably warm, making each step a delightful experience. So, whether you're heading to the kitchen for a hot cup of cocoa or settling into the plush cushions in the living area, your stay promises to be cozy and comfortable.

Winter Wonderland Views: Nature's Spectacle

Wake up to a winter wonderland outside your window. The domes offer panoramic views of the snow-covered landscape, turning your morning coffee routine into a scenic experience. It's a visual feast that adds to the magic of your winter stay, reminding you of the beauty that winter brings.

Cozy Evenings by the Woodstove: A Fireside Retreat

As the evening descends, gather around the woodstove for a fireside retreat. Whether you're reading a book, enjoying a board game, or simply basking in the warmth, the woodstove becomes the heart of your winter evenings. It's the kind of ambiance that fosters connection and creates lasting memories.

Your Cozy Winter Escape Awaits

So, pack your warm socks, bring your favorite winter read, and get ready to experience the enchantment of a winter stay in our domes. From hot tub bliss under the stars to cozy evenings by the woodstove, each moment is an invitation to savor the warmth and charm of winter in the comfort of our welcoming domes.

Your cozy winter escape awaits—a haven where the chill outside only enhances the warmth within.

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