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Dome Dreams: A Frosty Adventure with a Side of Family Fun

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Welcome to the saga behind our Dome Dreams—a journey filled with hard hats, tenacity, and more than a few "are we done yet?" moments. Our family, a trio of determined DIY enthusiasts—my husband, our 7-year-old daughter, and me—decided to embark on the ambitious mission of building our own domes. This is a tale of frosty winters, relentless snow shuffling, a couple of scraped knees, and a whole lot of determination.

The Blueprint of Ambition

When it came to planning our cozy domes, my husband and I teamed up for the Blueprint of Ambition. This phase was like a dance between our ideas and practical considerations.

Picture us sitting with blueprints, sipping coffee, and hashing out what our dream space should look like. It wasn't just about drawing lines on paper; it was about turning those lines into rooms we'd love.

Contractor Chronicles

While we fully embraced the DIY spirit, we also sought the expertise of seasoned contractors. Imagine this scene: a team of professionals scratching their heads in bemusement as we, armed with determination and a few unconventional ideas, added our perspectives to the mix. It became a collaborative effort worth remembering—a unique blend of professional know-how and our hands-on enthusiasm for the project.

Snow Shuffling Saga

A harsh winter meant an ongoing battle with snow. We became masters of the snow shuffle, a daily routine that rivaled any winter workout program. Our construction site resembled a snowy battleground, with each shovel and snowblower move a testament to our winter endurance.

The Roofing Rollercoaster

Roofing, the pinnacle of our construction journey, became a literal rollercoaster of emotions. From "We've got this!" to "Did someone call a dome hotline?"—our roofing adventures were filled with unexpected twists, turns, and a fair share of laughter-induced hiccups.

All-Hands Construction Countdown (and Coffee Breaks)

As the structure unfolded, our daughter, armed with determination, took charge of handling screws while the rest of us, including the helping hands of my parents, contributed to the construction symphony. The soundtrack of our progress was accompanied by the occasional clinking of tools and the inviting aroma of coffee wafting through the air.

The Finishing Touches (and High-Five Finales)

And when it came time for the finishing touches, my mother, equipped with a paintbrush, added her artistic flair to transform the structure into a cozy haven. The construction countdown became not only a measure of progress but a joyful reminder of the teamwork that brought the domes to life. Those coffee breaks served as a comforting and energizing reward for all hands involved in turning blueprints into reality.

Dome Dreams Come True

In the end, our Dome Dreams became a reality—a testament to hard work, a touch of humor, and the incredible bond of family. The process may have involved a few construction conundrums, but the memories created and the lessons learned were worth every laughter-filled, hard hat-wearing moment.

So, here's to adventures, hardworking families, and the sweet satisfaction of turning Dome Dreams into cozy realities.

Do you have any questions on the build? Feel free to share in the comment section!

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