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Introduction: Why Wallace River Ranch?

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Welcome to Wallace River Ranch! or Welcome to Our World!

Hello everyone! I'm excited that you are here. Its been a long journey for me to get here. I'm originally from Switzerland and my husband from Germany. We both ended up in Canada in 2006 on a horse guest ranch. So yes, over 16 years we planned on having our own little paradise with accommodation and animals. Since we always had a dog, we were always looking for pet-friendly accommodation. Once we became parents, we also needed accommodation with outside space, and possibly animals, our daughter could go and visit. So this was a natural fit for us!

With the pandemic and all, we decided now or never. So here we are!


What can I say, my husband fell in love with those. I was skeptic at the beginning, but when I stepped in one of the domes for the first time, I was amazed. It just feels special being and staying in a dome.

Why on Wallace River?

We just fell in love with this area. There are so many options here on outdoor activities in summer and winter! We are eager to open our bookings. Stay tuned!

We hope you will enjoy yourself here as much as we do! Thank you for reading.



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